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Customization of Graphics

Aug 19, 2014 at 10:29 AM
Edited Aug 25, 2014 at 8:39 AM
In you can configure and change some elements like graphics, sound and animation

Graphics/Sound and animations are contained into Contents directory :

Backgrounds -> picture of the presentation
Effect -> not used
Font -> game fonts
Items -> graphics of the items
Levels -> structure of the levels in XML
Rooms -> PoP structure of the single level (not used)
Sequences -> animation of the graphics
Song -> songs
Sound -> sounds
Sprites -> graphics sprites
Tiles -> graphics tiles

The first step is open the application.config or, it contains:
<!-- KID_SPRITE --> <add key="CONFIG_sprite_kid" value="Sprites/Player/Kid_dos/" />

Kid sprite directory contains the animation of Prince of Persia Kid, there are two complete set
into the Sprites/Player/
Kid_dos -> original pc version
Kid_flash -> remake flash version
Kid_lion -> partial test for the lion king set

If you want change the player sprite you can respect the 114x114 pixel format in png with transparency, every frame have a name index like "Kid_1.png" is the frame 1.

Look all graphics will be compiled with Content Pipeline, you must open the original project and modify the original files and compiled it fopr make the xnb files.

Sequences is very powerfull animation engine made by me, it support some light language for tell to a sprite if can move or jump / loop into other sequences, for a reference look "Customization of Sequence" thread.

But, Can i understand where the frame 1 is used ? Answer , simple look in the sequence animation directory "Sequences\dos\KID_sequence.xml"
<!-- STARTRUN --> <Sequence>

the <frames> contains the animation sprite used like this
  <value>Kid_1</value> <!-- is the Kid_1.png -->